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Christian L’Enfant Roi Spring 2012

Set to an original score produced by Nick Hyatt and David Lacalamita, as well as the vocal stylings of soprano singer Alyson Spina, the Spring 2012 menswear collection of Christian L’Enfant Roi transports us somewhere between the 19th century Orientalist movement, The Lakme Opera and the modern man who breaks all rules when it comes to fashion and trends.

Marching to the beat of his very own uniquely modern drum, L’Enfant Roi’s soft palette of tones, hues and prints intermingling with relaxed yet tailored pieces broing an old world feel to today’s comfort chic. Experimental pieces such as his fringe tank top show that L’Enfant Roi continues to blur what is considered gender appropriate. I look forward to seeing his vision as it will develop in the coming years.

All photos courtesy of Sebastien Roy.

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