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Backstage BEAUTY @ Denis Gagnon

Denis Gagnon & Steph

Time to give props to the unsung heroes of Montreal Fashion Week: hair impresario, Denis Binet and makeup guru, Catherine Laniel. Each season it is their job to work with designers to create the looks that best reflect the spirit of their collections.  It could be soft and pretty, bold and edgy–the options are limitless.  Without them, what would fashion be?  (Well, it would be clothes.) But fashion and beauty go hand in hand, period!  If you dress in fashion, nothing should stop you from  wearing fashion on your face!

Catherine & I

Makeup Storyboard

Makeup Product Shot

For my backstage stint, I really wanted to see what the look was going to be for the much anticipated Denis Gagnon show, the finale of Montreal Fashion Week.  The collection was inspired by the iconic German expressionist sci-fi film Metropolis and I was intrigued how Denis Binet and Catherine Laniel would translate this look for the models and even the average “joe-ette,” for that matter.

Models Denis Gagnon

Models Denis Gagnon Show

I gravitated to the makeup storyboard to get a sense of what was on the menu for the show.   Catherine made great use of the Olay Definity.

Hair Product Shots

Illuminating Eye Treatment, placing it on the forehead, nose and chin. She explained that the Illuminator penetrates layers of the skin and helps restore a look of highly defined and luminous skin. The formula also smoothes the look of fine lines while strengthening and hydrating the delicate eye area with a spiral of concentrated serum containing essential glucosamine complex.  Seriously, not only does this stuff work, but who wouldn’t like the look of a product that resembles a double helix?  Catherine used Cover Girl Simply Ageless #210 as the blush.  It was subtle, and the cream finish gave the look a more modern feel.  Definitely the concealer-in-the-brows look may not go over so well on the daily, but I found the graphic liquid eyeliner that lined the top lashes, extended out and then followed the natural curve of the crease 1/5 of the way back in very adaptable for a rocking night out.  For Catherine, the story was all about structure.  When you’ve got good bones, you don’t need to overdo it.

Denis touching up model

Denis Binet on the other hand, created something that should not be replicated at home!  Thank God it was the last show of the night, because there was no turning back when Denis concocted a formula that made the hair look wet just around the head but not through its length.  His inspiration was the look of a reversed bathing cap (say, what?).  For real, when you saw the models’ profiles on the runway, you could imagine that they had on bathing caps because the hair was perfectly shaped like one.  It even jutted out a bit in the back like a bathing cap.  Serious hair engineering going on there!  Denis G. loves working with Denis B. and gives him a lot of creative freedom to try out new ideas, which is perfect for show-stopping looks, but not so much for the real world.  Without giving away his secret formula, Denis basically mixed Pantene Total Control Gel with Smoothing Serum for a huge amount of shine and hold.  All I want to know now is how many shampoos it took to remove the mixture!  My recommendation, Gillette Deep Clean shampoo–made for men, but strong enough for a woman!

Denis & I

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  1. Denis Gagnon fashion was simply was one of the best as usual in this country !! What a Personnage !!

  2. Lisa Jane says:

    I so agree with you there Faical.
    You have great taste!

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