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BACK ON Track… Friday @ FM&D

Luc Lavigne (c)

Yesterday was a very busy day for Montreal fashion-followers! We were basically all booked up from noon until the wee hours of the morning clocked in at Time Supper Club. Shows featured throughout the day included Part Two / In Wear, La Baie, Bedo, Dynamite, and Style Exchange, amongst many. I tried to get in as many as I possibly could while dodging raindrops and grey clouds.


For women, the overall picture was bright, with bold colors lighting up every stage. At Bedo especially, the scene included lots of one shoulder dresses and bejewelled pieces. Sequins were on everything from dresses to tuxedo vests! We also saw the staying power of gypsy pants and snakeskin prints.

Festival Mode & Design/Luc Lavigne (c)

Festival Mode & Design/Luc Lavigne (c)

For men, the look was much more subdued with a palette of beiges and greys. We are still seeing the scarf accessory as a staple in today’s male closet – an accessory worn with everything from a plain white tee-shirt to a tie-dyed cardigan. Also, a lot of horizontal stripes and plaid pieces remain strong for men. Overall, a very cheerful day for Montreal fashion despite the crummy weather!

Festival Mode & Design/Luc Lavigne (c)

For more of Luc Lavigne photos from the festival click here

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