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An eVans to Remember!

Last week, I attended the opening of the first Vans flagship store in Canada at Off The Hook in downtown MTL. The excitement was there as distinct individuals from our wonderful city had the chance to venture in a one of kind shop that offers heritage & visual attraction.

For this special event, Vans & Off The Hook had the honor of having Tony Alva, one of the most influential skateboarder of all time. His presence not only made fans giddy & excited but it also showed that he was a stepping-stone for Vans in the late 70’s.

Now, the store offers a great selection shoes, clothing & accessories but the beauty comes in the form of exclusivity with Vans Vault & OTW. With Vans Vault & OTW, Vans is showing to the public that they’re more than just a skater brand & they have an eye on the market.

Of course, the night wouldn’t have been a night if it weren’t for the DJ & the entrees & the fans that came in numbers. All in all, a great party with good people that left with either an autograph from the great Tony Alva, an exclusive pair of Vans or just a smile on their face.

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