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Adieu Montreal Fashion Week 19 – Spring 2011 collections!

Let me start off by saying what a week (well 4 days) it was.  More than 2 dozen runway shows and press cocktails kept most in attendance quite busy, some worth it and others not.  We here at yourKloset were hard at work getting your front row seat and backstage access to 16 shows and press events. Overall, I was happy with the presentations that I saw, considering for the most part the market that they catered to, a more commercial one.  Of course there are moments of brilliance but most shows presented wearable collections hence focusing on the end result, the almighty dollar. What’s wrong with that?

I found myself defending our fashion week when someone compared it to fashion week in Gatineau (no offense). Come on! Our local buyers or their international counterparts are not necessarily looking for the next Galliano, or McQueen to put in their boutiques (often in cities like Gatineau).  It is absurd to think that a fashion week should only be filled with “couture inspired” collections that are actually rarely ordered, bought or worn by anyone who is not a fashionista.  These garments are also extremely difficult to produce and often designers find themselves faulting on delivery dates (if they can respect them at all).

We are not New York, Paris, Milan nor London that’s for sure.  We are lucky to have more than ever, a few Canadian designers making big enough waves around the world to make us proud! What is a fashion week good for? Stimulating our local economy and keeping fashion a buzz word in our city. I do agree though that with the 16 odd shows that we covered that this could be achieved in two days for the real fashion media. 12 noon – 9 pm with a 1hr supper break would be adequate to present what would be considered the viable fashion lines for such an event.  Amongst the journalists, TV media and bloggers, the consensus was more or less such.

In any case, each season there are and will be nay-sayers…that we can not change.  What we can change though are things such as the criteria which allow designers into a fashion week.   Some designers should re-submit their collections to make sure that they are up to par or “fashion” enough for today’s buyer and consumer.  I think a call for quality control is essential in order to make the nay-sayers eat their words.  Anyways, this is just my opinion. Until next time…

Check out Amy Michelle’s coverage of Toronto’s LG Fashion Week later this month!

All photos courtesy of Sebastien Roy

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  1. So well put Tony, I concur with your sentiments!

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