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Dress 4 Success’s Summer Hours

Forever 21/Summer Sunshine

Picking out an appropriate office outfit is a struggle in itself, factor in 30+ degree summer weather and your entering dangerous overexposing territory. My solution to keeping it classy and well ventilated: a cute summer dress. I know personally I don’t like spending an arm and a leg for something I am just going to wear in my 9 to 5 rotation, and work summer dresses can be found at a price! Recently I have had a lot of success with the Forever 21 website. I’ve shopped in Forever 21 stores in the States and to be totally honest it’s a painful experience. The website is easy to navigate and orders ship within 2 to 3 days. Not only that, it breaks the dress section down into “casual” and “dressy”. This is great for those who work in offices on both sides of the formal/informal spectrum. The best part, you’ll never be spending more than $30. Below are some of my favorite summer dress looks my colleges are wearing to work this summer:


This is Michelle one of our Mac & Jac designers wearing a design of her own in fact! I love everything about this dress. The print, the colors, the ruffles, the sash! The length is perfect too. It’s just above the knee and I would say anything 3 – 4 inches shorter would be pushing your limits. It’s produced in a light cotton and perfect for catching a few rays outside on your lunch break! Her choice of shoe is great too, a simple patent ballet flat with ankle strap is generally appropriate in most offices.


Here’s Becki looking adorable in a simple black chiffon dress. People, you can NEVER go wrong wearing black, anywhere. If you looked in my closet you would assume I am perpetually attending funerals. Merchandising a black dress is the most fun; you can pretty much do whatever you want with your accessories. In this case a simple gold charm necklace and ultra cute python gladiators make this office summer outfit a 10.

Becki in the LBD

In this photo Tracy is wearing one of the season most popular Kensie dresses. This Missoni inspired chiffon maxi dress is bound to turn heads with the bight floral design on black. Kudos to Tracey for turning a beach look office appropriate with her olive green scarf for coverage. In some work places the bearer top half would fly because the length of the dress offers lower coverage.

You don’t have to cook this summer to dress suitably and look great! Find a summer dress that work for you and your corporate culture!

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