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My TRUE Love

So this whole vampire fascination has really hit its peak I know, Twilight this, vampire diaries that, but one of the first “vampire” themed shows/books to popularize these blood sucking creatures was True Blood. This HBO hit is based on a series of novels, “The Southern Vampire Mysteries” by author Charlaine Harris.  I fell in love with the show when I first moved down to LA, and have been hooked for the past three seasons. You always think shows can’t get any crazier, but with creator/producer Alan Ball (of American beauty and Six Feet Under) at the helm, there is little room to be disappointed.

This show is filled with some amazing characters played by some pretty outstanding actors. Not since Lost, have I fallen in love with a cast so much. The series follows the Chris Angel of Mindfreaks Sookie Stackhouse and her quest for love with Vampire Bill Compton.  The series is full of vampires, shape shifters, wolves and lots and lots of sex. The plot just gets better as the series goes on and each season tells a different story with many side stories, which allows for a lot of character growth.  My favorite persona has to be Fangtasia’s owner and the vampire sheriff of “Area 5″ in Louisiana Eric Northman played by Peter Skarsgard. He is the epitome of cool (blooded).  Catch up on the past three seasons now because it’s only getting better.

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