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LG Fashion Week Day 3- Joe Fresh Style

For as long as any of us can remember, the name Joe Mimran has been synonymous with that of high-quality, accessible fashion in Canada.  Launched in 2006, Joe Fresh Style is reliably affordable and consistently on-trend, and has been the hottest ticket at LG Fashion Week ever since. So it was no surprise last night, that the invitation-only show was brimming with people, all hoping to take a peek at the latest Spring/Summer collection. It was utter mayhem, what with a couple hundred people attempting to squeeze themselves into every nook and cranny the venue had to offer. And after seeing the collection, it was clearly well worth the effort.

Joe Fresh announced yesterday that he would be designing the up-coming uniforms for the Boy Scouts of Canada, and this collection made use of that theme in it’s colour palate, and cheeky details. Male models were clad in crisp khaki button downs and tailored shorts, while the women wore adorable blouses and dresses that featured patches with the recognizable logo of the organization. Yes, it’s true that grown men walking around in uniforms intended for 10 year old boys has an element of kitsch that would most often come off as unbearably tacky, but when seen with the collection as a whole, it was actually surprisingly refreshing, and even had me re-thinking my “no boys in short shorts” mentality. However, as the show continued, this theme was toned down and out walked the expected fare of beautifully tailored A-line skirts, bow-tie blouses, and crisp trouser shorts, as well as a few touches of mesh and neon brights that have been so popular this season.

Mimran definitely had a few tricks up his sleeves this season as well.  An addition to the very current sequin trend that has been gracing the runways this week, a particular favourite garment was a navy blue sequined, sleeveless shift dress that featured a crisp, white rounded collar a la Madeline and friends. It was in this mixture of sweet, young freshness, and chic elegance that highlighted Mimran’s strengths. It may not be what one would generally see hanging in my closet, but the wearable garments and overall atmosphere of the show was undeniably infectious. Besides my intense craving for mint-chocolate girl guide cookies, this collection left me feeling as though I had gotten exactly what I had come for. A cute and playful retail line, that will be loved by soccer moms and trendy hipsters alike.

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