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LG Fahion Week – Thomas

Michael and Drew Thomas are not brothers or cousins, nor are they related in any way for that matter. However they are proof-positive that great minds think alike. Coming from slightly different backgrounds (Michael studied sculpture at OCAD, while Drew was in fashion at George Brown), the two brought their extreme androgyny and penchant for sleek silhouettes to the runway in a show that was both eerie and captivating. Models walked zombie-like down the runway to a soundtrack of often ear-drum piercing white noise. The styling was equally neutral with models in slick backed hair , blacked out eyebrows and nude faces.

Having followed the growth of this design team since they started shredding tees and tanks a few years back, I was undoubtedly impressed by what was shown Thursday night as they had their LG Fashion Week debut. Their collections have always been based around the concept of neutrality; their clothes are not meant for a specific season, sex, or audience. What they came up with was a collection of gender neutral garments that showcase their beautiful drapery skills, and forward thinking tastes. What I found most intriguing about their collection was their ability to take a basic item, such a long tunic or structured blazer for example, and modernize it with intricate draping, sheer fabrics, and a calculated dishevelment. Their take on spring denim trends saw white and black jeans, that ruche up the leg, creating an almost melting effect. But my absolute favorite item of the collection was an open, button less black blazer that flared out, almost like a tuxedo jacket, with intricate draping on the back. It’s a modern take on a classic shape that would (and should) be a go-to item in anyone’s closet.

It appears Michael and Drew Thomas have grown up quite a bit over the last season or two, and by refining their androgynous dishevelment, the pair have managed to create a collection that is forward-thinking, contemporary and extremely wearable.

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