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Georges St-Pierre for Affliction

I recently attended a black carpet event in Montreal for the launch of the hard-edged designs of Affliction Clothing for its Fall Collection 2010 with special guests including UFC world champion Georges St-Pierre.

The event profiled a rock star theme brandishing Harley Davidson motorcycles lined out on the street at the restaurant’s entrance along with tight security and of course, a herd of media waiting to pounce on the mixed martial artist. Escorted inside by bodyguards (not like he needs any), a ripped Georges St-Pierre, wearing the signature hand-illustrated Affliction t-shirt, graciously gave numerous interviews, greeted fans, and posed for photographs before finally getting the chance to chill with pals close to midnight.  In the meantime, fashion models strutted around the room displaying some high-end and unique pieces of the line while classic hard rock hits went with the beat of the badass brand. And speaking of badass, none other than actor Stephen Dorff showed up almost inconspicuously and, appearing a little sloppy with a cigarette behind his ear, mingled with Montreal-born rock singer Jonas. At first, it took me a while to recognize Dorff as he wasn’t hounded by the media, nor was he generous with them, until I confirmed with a media coordinator that it was in fact him – he’s actually in town shooting a movie.

Celebrities can often be the highlight of such exclusive events, but in this case, it was the special treatment every guest received: amazing cocktails, a tantalizing arrangement of hors d’oeuvres, a delectable buffet of lamb ribs, beef tartar, and mini burgers, topped off with rich desserts of fresh tiramisu, chocolate mouse and truffle cookies, just to mention a few.

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