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A t-shirt Madonna Would Wear…

The other night I was invited to see the unveiling of Celestial Chariots Spring 2011 collection at StyleXchange. I was first greeted by the beautiful angels at the door, and then handed a delicious iced beverage (my night was already made!). Immediately, my eyes were drawn to magnificent pieces of art by creative director Haim Sherff, whose artwork is featured on all the shirts.

Celestrial Chariots is not your average graphic tee company each shirt is created with the intention to spread a message of goodness and optimism. The T-shirts use fashion as a vehicle to express divine inspiration. Tired of the negative imagery of skulls and guns that were all over the fashion world, Haim Sherrf and his partners decided to create T-shirts that were fashionable and that had a positive message.

The T’s are inspired by Kabbalah and most of them feature the “Red String” on the left side.   According to Kabbalah, the left side is the receiving side of the body and the soul and the Red String is worn for protection.

The evening also featured a hair touch up station sponsored by MATRIX Design Pulse.  Upon entry, attendees were offered quick hair touch ups and samples of this cool, urban professional hair care brand.

Celestial Chariots are sold in StyleXchange across Canada and they retail between $60-100.

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  1. Madonna if turned inside out would look like a porcupine.

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