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BEHIND THE BEATS: Jimpster’s gonna make you jump!

1. How did your particular moniker come about?

It’s just an old nick name from school when I was about 11 or 12.  Jamie, Jim, Jimp, Jimpster……  that kind of thing. Dunno how it stuck really and I’m not that into it now!


2. What’s a typical day in the studio for him?

Check emails, listen to promos, coffee break, sample some kicks, choose a kick, put it into Logic, coffee break. Check some more promos, tea time, check the kick again. Boost kick by 5db at about 75hz. That kind of thing…

3. How do you cope with the discipline of studio work and the wild night-outs at multiple parties a week?  Any suggestions for novice producers?

See above for how disciplined I am in the studio.  The partying bit I can handle ‘cos I’m blessed with an iron constitution and have convinced myself that if I eat 1000mg of mega potency Cod Liver Oil plus a man’s food based multivitamin every day, I can handle anything!


4. As you arrive in Montreal, what is a must-do?  (or what have you been told is a must do) in our fair city?

Negotiate with immigration.


5. What surprises do you have in store for your Montreal fans?

I’m 38 years old.  Surprises ain’t good at my time in life.  I prefer comfortable familiarity over any short sharp shocks.  With that in mind, Montreal fans can expect some seriously deep, warm and emotive house music with the odd twist and turn to keep them on their toes but without them having to run for cover.  If that makes sense?


Jamie Odell aka Jimpster brings his deep, warm and emotive sounds to Montreal’s Club UN – 390 Notre Dame W –  Saturday November 26th.2011


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