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Summer = Havaianas

Havaianas - Fashion LifestyleOur very own David Z. was fortunate enough to have visited beautiful Sao Paolo this past spring and what I thought at the time was “…and all he brought me back were these flip-flops?!”

With the weather finally starting to resemble something called summer, I took the opportunity to take my rubber thong sandals for a test drive.  Usually I find thongs to be a real pain in the ass and without any support, an instant pain in my back.  I take it all back when it comes to my Havaianas (yeah, I have now claimed them as my own)!  Well now I had to do my research.

Havaianas - Fashion Lifestyle

The birth of the first pair of Havaianas was in 1962.  Inspired by the Zori, a typical Japanese sandal made of fabric straps and rice straw soles, Havaianas have as one of their many distinguishable features a foot-bed with a textured rice pattern.

Havaianas - Fashion Lifestyle

Shape-shifting flip-flops are no longer an issue with Havaianas.  Made equally for durability as for their fashion components, these sandals will definitely outlast your feet (at least on most walks).  Oh and did I forget to mention that they are comfortable?  Well that’s always a major plus for me because I do not sacrifice comfort for style any longer…well not most times.

Havaianas - Fashion Lifestyle

I urge you to try to get your hands on a pair, to compare. Thanks Dave for introducing me to my new sole mate and continuing to prove that “you CAN teach and old dog new chic”!

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