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ANGEL 2009

Do you have a sole?  Do you have a really GOOD sole? The Angel boot by John Fluevog is already 20 years old.  What makes the Angel Soles worthy of their wings is that they’re made from 100% natural latex harvested from the Hevea Tree. As durable as these soles may be, they can always be replaced with new ones.  The whimsy factor is engraved on the sole.  It recites Fluevog’s famous message “Resists alkali, water, acid, fatigue and Satan.” Loved them then and love them now!

Angel Sole

My obsession with John Fluevog shoes came in the early 90’s when Dee-lite’s, Lady Miss Kier rocked a pair of “Muntser’s” in “Groove is in the Heart” and then Madonna wore her “Vogs” in Truth or Dare. I, and many others became hooked.  If I saw anyone wearing a flannel shirt and Fluevog boots, I knew right away they belonged to the Grunge scene and they were my people.  That is where I began my collection.

John Fluevogs FALL 09

Well, trends come and go, but quality never goes out of style and everything old is new again.  Recently, John has been using eco-friendly vegetable tanned leathers, water-based glues and created vegan remakes of successful styles using unbleached hemp instead of leather. JF’s motto became, Good Soles Leave Small Prints.

John Fluevog Vibe

My new fetish shoe is “the Vibe” ($425), part of the Body Parts collection. The Vibe is an ultra-sexy fold-over ankle bootie featuring corset-style lace ups with gold grommets, soft Italian black or red leathers, and a shiny gold leather lining. Sneaky, sneaky, there is a 3/4″ concealed platform for that extra height but is quite comfortable despite a 4″ golden heel.

John Fluevog The Business

In the beginning it was a Signature Series originally created for one season, but now over a decade later the shoe family with the phallic heel, represents John’s Anti-AIDS shoe. His etched message proclaims: Your Body Parts are not Communal Property.

John Fluevog Munster

Available: Vancouver | New York | San Francisco | Toronto | Boston | Chicago |  Seattle | Los Angeles | Montréal | Gastown

ANGEL SOLES $179-309

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