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Rain Boots Reinvention

This week’s chilly wet weather conditions brought me to the startling realization that not only are some Montrealers crazy for still wearing sandals, but also that ballerina shoes are not suitable for autumn. After further damaging my Michael Kors flat shoes and having to survive two days at the office with soggy soles and stinky feet, I was forced to come to terms with the fact that I need to invest in rain boots.  If I hadn’t been seeing fashionable rain boots worn by practical girls everywhere I go, I would immediately imagine the conventional lumps of bulky and boring footwear that do nothing but simply keep your feet dry.

That is still the boots’ primary function, but this season you can sing in the rain flaunting rain boots of a more elegant fit with stylish colors and fun patterns. This fall essential is now the trend that can get a little pricey, but they’re well worth it for those pesky puddles and splashing cars. Checkered, striped, spotted, or flowered, your choice of rain boots should undoubtedly coincide with your fashion taste. There’s no better way to make a fashion statement then to strut about with the wackiest rain boots that can be spotted from a mile away. Take for example the cowboy rain boot with the psychedelic colors or the bright sky blue construction-looking boot. Or if you’re not one to draw attention to yourself, settling with solid and simple looks pair easily with any wardrobe. There are too many to choose from in stores, so it’s no wonder that I have yet to make my practical purchase.

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