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Montreal Aigle Boutique

I once asked Jeanne Beker her take on the future of fashion. She answered “if more people were working on the marriage of technology and fashion, I think we could get some pretty interesting results.” I couldn’t agree more since style choices reflect our cultural creed and invariably the climate we habitat.

Aigle boutique, a 19th century French heritage brand that specializes in hand-made rubber rain boots, provides trendy tech-savvy clothing designed to protect in the urban jungle. Opened shop in Montreal last month, the first for La belle province, the line creates outerwear that can easily crossover from the city to the country as their fabric is infused with a technical fiber that guarantees for a water and wind-proof garment. Also being a sustainable brand, their contemporary styles are created with organic cotton. Yes, it makes for pretty-pricey items, however they never claim to be a mass-marketed brand. Nestled on posh de la Montagne Street, the space accentuates their eco-chic nature which is detailed with raw wood finishing.

A cherry red boat shoe, a nice take on their version of the trend-driven nautical style.

How dainty are the limited-edition Swarovski crystal rain boots! With only 500 fabricated, anyone would feel specially unique in these lovelies. They retail for $495.

2070 de la Montagne Street, Montreal, H3G 1G2
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