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Jogging: What Not to Wear

So it’s officially summertime, which means a lot of outdoor hustling and bustling and physical activity on sports fields, bike paths, parks, and pools. Sunny, warm weather should be a motivating factor, helping you relinquish the tedious settings of a gym and take your work-outs to the airy contours of nature. After all, Montreal summers are short. Whether you plan on working on your fitness for that skimpy bikini you’ve been meaning to wear, or to simply adopt a healthy lifestyle, jogging is an effective cardiovascular exercise at a slow pace. But, before stepping out the door, be sure to consider some circumstances that are crucial for jogging.

First, invest in a good pair of jogging shoes that have cushioning soles made to absorb impact shocks, which reduces the risk of injury to the ankles and knees. Joggers have told me that no matter how pricey the shoes, it is worthwhile to buy reputed brand names. Socks may be a minor detail to some, but they actually make a difference. Thicker socks, believe it or not, actually help avoid injuries and blisters. In any type of physical exertion, comfortable clothing is in absolute demand. In this case, jogging requires gear that fits to ensure maximum comfort and performance without having to continuously fuss over loose garments such as big pants or over sized tops. By trying on the products before purchasing them, you should be able to measure the fit and the level of stretch material.

Another tip joggers have given me is to dress in accordance to the weather. A jogger’s body temperature should be his/her focal point; thus, light clothing in summer conditions, such as shorts and tank tops, is ideal even for the cool mornings. And you can be prepared for any type of weather, be it rain or wind with water resistant jackets, windbreakers, and hoodies. Truth be told, athletics can take over your kloset with its variety of specialized attire, and casual running requires particular comfort in order to achieve a truly gratifying workout every time. But all things considered, it pays off in the long run.

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