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If the Shoe Fits

American Eagle

As the saying goes if the shoe fits …wear it! These shoes at their different price points make fashion affordable for everyone.

Aldo out did themselves this season. It was all about the nude color and architecture (height and structure). These shoes are a must have!


Don’t sleep on Seychelles. They really brought it with the wedged platform in a black lacquer which makes me really excited to see what they have in store for fall.

Patent Black

Payless caught my eye with the designer collection by Alice + Olivia this shoe will make bold statements (and heads do that funny exorcist thing, lol).


Mens’ shoes by Payless are very trendy I am happy to say. Dexter has a plaid slip-on perfect for the casual fashion loving man. Their boat shoe by American Eagle is a hot find as well.

Flannel Slip On

So if the shoe fits, wear it. These shoes are all stylish, comfortable and most importantly not bank-breaking. It’s a recession, but why should your feet suffer? Happy shopping!

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