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I can’t stand the rain…


I couldn’t agree with Missy Elliot more!  I know I know, April showers bring May flowers but then how can I wear my gear without getting water marks and muddy scuffs?  Well, I searched high and low for what I think are the slick items to keep you dry!

Galoshes make the comeback of the millennium with Swims.



But, these are not your grandpa’s overshoes.  Like colour spots on a grey and rainy day, Swims modernizes the bland rubber-uppers of yesteryear bringing them to hip/fashionable heights.  No more worries about keeping your favourite designer shoes, or limited run kicks, in tact.




The brainchild of Norwegian designer and “retro-stylist” Johan Ringdal, Swims are fitted with a smooth liner which makes it easier to put on and take off your overshoes. The line includes hype design umbrellas and modern detailed outerwear. And yes ladies they do make them to wear with your heels. Genius!



With the return of the 80’s in full swing, the return of K-Way is one of the more welcomed revisits.



The timeless K-Way is back on the scene with new designs that are making their way back into the pouches and hearts of many.  Lightweight, waterproof, and conveniently worn whether in use or not, the K-Way became much more indispensable than even the umbrella.  With a top design team headed by Italian sportswear connoisseur Francesco Bruno, K-Way is truly re-establishing itself as the leader in rainwear.  At least your school books will stay dry!



So you’re not so sure that you want to wear overshoes?  Wellies it is then.  Rubber boots have become a staple in the male and female wardrobe.  Gone are the days when rubber boots were just for nerds.  With designers like Marc Jacobs giving us a refreshing take on our gardening or fishing footwear, it has also meant big business for traditional boot brands like Hunter.  Function turned fashion; Hunter offers great colors and years of innovation in perfecting the rubber boot.  Their navy wellie is part of an infinity marketing campaign with WaterAid where a portion of the proceeds are given toward the cause. Hunter is available at Brown’s Shoes across Canada or . Hunter Navy Wellie for WaterAid Gallery

Ok all of these suggestions are too rich for the fashionistas in you? Canadian Tire is your best bet then.  A simple rubber boot that leaves you the cash to dress it up!  Canadian Tire Rubber boot, $13.99.

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