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So it’s a fact… sheepskin boots, the kind with the fleece on the inside and with a tanned outer surface are here to stay. The trend, turned staple were originally intended to keep surfers feet warm after getting out of the surf.  Now, they can be seen on everyone from tiny tots to their grandmas….and yes, even I have succumbed to the boot (thank you Christmas of 2006).

I luckily received a pair of EMU boots, which were made with Border-Lester and merino sheep wool; both of which make for a better quality boot. Out of the box, they were instantly water resistant, which allowed me to trudge around without a care for well, the care of the boot. I hear now that the EMU boot company is working on making them water proof…amen, because that’s exactly what it needs!

These days, I’m not really about making a fashion statement, but enjoy the EMU boots because I can wear them in warm and cold weather, but also because the wool is naturally antibacterial and draws humidity away from the foot.  And since I consider myself fairly eco-conscious, the boots are merely a by-product of the food industry (Mmmm….lamb chops).

EMU’s have been available in the Quebec market for over 7 years.  What’s the difference between them and the other guys? Well, for one the heel has been reinforced for better stability and less cracking in cold weather. The liner can be removed to wash! Genius! This also means you can remove the lining and stick them into any other pair of boots for instant coziness.  And definitely the price point helps its popularity. The classic high end line runs between $170-285. If you want my recommendation, the mushroom colour is one of my favorites and is a best seller.

On another note, just because the sheepskin boot is called “unisex”, I have yet to see men running around city streets in their sheepskin boots. What EMU has designed for men, would definitely make me want to convert.  They designed some great rugged looking dessert boots, Blundstone style, and Shearer style boots with flap (these boots were originally made for the sheep shearers so wool would not go into the shoe). Turned out they were not only practical but highly stylish!

And in the womens’ collection, the classic boots are more streamlined for those who don’t want to have bulky looking feet. Style-wise, there is the wedge, converse style, laced up, over the knee, slim style.  My favorites are the shorty biker boots which are available at Browns and go for $185. Keep in mind that there is an adorable kids collection that can get pretty matchy-matchy, so both moms and dads can create their mini-mes.

Did I forget to mention the clothing line?  All the leather jackets are under $600 and they feel like butta!  There’s nothing too  extravagant but they are very contemporary and super comfortable. They are light,les s bulky and more adjusted and streamlined due to the princess , which give a better fit.

An awesome staple in the line is the $65 merino wool tank top. Machine washable and draws out moisture and odor. You tell me who doesn’t need that?! Natural fibers rock.

So maybe for next Christmas you should be asking for the EMU, Terry-Merino wool jogging suit…a little lamb never felt better!

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