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You’ve Nailed it!!!


So if you are a nail enthusiast such as my self your weekly mani as essential as air an your nail technician is probably your BFF. So I’ve complied a bunch of pictures to aid in your basic mani boredom.  We can officially check off the neon colors, pastels and blacks and add to that our new must haves such as deep wines, pewter, rich shades of browns and mattes. Shapes are also important, do way with the basic square and sass up your nails with more rounded shapes or if your really adventurous go for the dagger shape with super long lengths (just don’t poke out an eye).

Lououtin Manicure

The moon manicure is the French mani reversed, I would definitely use this season hottest shades like pat on the black by Sally Hansen it’s not black and it gives an excellent finish.

So I decided to also try out Minx that nail sticker that Beyonce is always in.  It is a pre-colored sticker that is applied to your nails via heat and is water resistant. I wasn’t too crazy about it. Minx lasted for one week and then started lifting and at $30 a pop I’ve decided it isn’t worth it.


For those of us who are die hard Louboutin fanatics here is your chance to match you nails with your classic black and red soles, by applying red underneath and a deep wine color on top or if you must…black.

Matte Nail Polish

By far my fave trend is OPI Matte. I love this collection minus the Alpine white. This collection is perfect for that last minute date that you agreed to because it is fasssst drying I would advise using a base coat before hand for some reason without it the polish goes on streaky.  Russian Navy is the hottest of this collection I swear. Keeping in seasons latest nail colors is just as important as having a VERY sanitary nail salon/spa to go to. Unlike my experience with the $17 mani and pedi in Brooklyn where Kim decided it was ok to take the machine used for acrylic nails to my poor cuticles…yea not cute. Make sure the Salon spa you go to has proper cleaning procedures when it comes to their equipment ESPECIALLY pedicures. Those jets hold onto the bacteria…yuck. If you don’t like the way they cleaned out the pedicure bath SPEAK UP because Necrotizing fasciitis aka flesh eating disease not cute.

Beautiful Environment

As always be fly, stylish and make the world your catwalk.

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