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Wax On, Wax Off, Wax On, Hair Off Part I

PARENTAL ADVISORY (my parents that is): This post contains graphic details of my trip to a dermo that ended up with me getting my balls waxed.

I figured if there were ever an arena to share this very personal and embarrassing story, yourKloset would be it.

It all started with a routine check up at the dermatologist, I had seen a mole that I had never noticed before in my pelvic/pubic area. I showed it to my doctor and he told me it was nothing serious but worth removing. He informed me I would have to shave or wax the area for the next appointment.  Wax eh?

I have always been curious about male waxing (cue 40 Year Old Virgin scene), but have never really cared that much to actually do it. I am a pretty well kept guy in all areas. However when my doctor had mentioned it to me, I’m like OK now I have a reason to try it and Ill wax my back. I did a lot of research on the topic of manscaping and the different places in Montreal to go; I try to get a good understanding of something before I do it. I finally found an article about a local waxer who specialized in the nether regions. I was petrified to call her, it felt so wrong to be like “hey can you please wax my balls”. The politically correct term apparently which applies to men as well is the bikini wax. YEP, just think anything that would be covered by underwear would now be bald as an eagle and I mean EVERYTHING! Look you may be saying why didn’t he just wax that area, and the truth is that I am all about the full experience… When in Rome!

The day of the appointment arrives and I get there expecting the unexpected. She greets me with her thick Eastern European accent and immediately tells me to undress… nice to meet you too. Everything was set up and I was ready for the most awkward experience of my life. We started with my back, and it wasn’t painful at all…Turn over , she says in her thick accent…

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