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Wax on Part II

Let the games begin…. My waxer was super professional and explained every rip and tear that was about to occur. She also did an amazing job of talking to me, to keep my mind off the fact that she was about to spread piping hot wax on my balls and then rip it off in multiple swoops.

Kellllllllllllly Clarkson…..  The pubic area was her first target and also the most painful according to her (& me). It literally feels like someone just viciously rubbed sand paper on your bare skin; sheer pain through your entire body. I am very tolerant to pain, and I hardly flinched or made a peep during the entire treatment, but this was almost my breaking point.  Because I only needed to wax one side of the pubic area for my mole removal (THE REASON I was doing this), she suggested a landing strip, because the most painful area is the hair just above the shaft and it is aesthetically pleasing. It was those no brainers like “Would you like to supersize that?” WHY NOT. She then moved onto the shaft, which felt like cotton compared to the first couple of rips.

Finally it was the time for my balls, I figured this would be the most painful of them all, seeing as a ball flick sends a guy straight to the ground.  I took a deep breath and prayed and I guess my prayers were answered. It actually wasn’t that bad, it kind of felt like when she was waxing my back. I was quite surprised, and it was smooth sailing for the rest of the waxing. I was then handed a mirror and told to go to the bathroom and check it out. It wasn’t exactly what I was expecting but neither was the entire process, and as I re-enter she gives me one final look over to see if she missed anything and back on went my clothing.

I had decided not to write this post right away. Rather, I waited a week or so to see what it felt like. I figured I might as well try and turn this post from embarrassing to informative. My back took me the longest to get accustomed to, it felt like it was always wet and when I wore a t-shirt it felt like it was floating. I had followed her instructions for the after care and everything turned out okay down there. Would I do this again? Probably Not.  You can get the same results by shaving and this way you don’t have some stranger handling your junk. I’ll stick to my standard methods from now on.  One piece of advice the waxer gave me, NEVER get your balls waxed at a rub & tug….. TRUST ME!

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