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Thirty Three and Critical

Last week I celebrated my thirty-third birthday.  My mother always said “You have two choices: you can get older, or you can be dead.  I actually love birthdays – I could care less about getting older, and it definitely beats the alternative.  I must say I do find as I begin to enter the mid-ranges of the lovely number “thirty” that time seems to pass by a little bit more quickly, and change is a bit more drastic than it used to be.  My body doesn’t seem to bounce back like it used to, and I find myself watching what I put into my body at times during the holiday seasons that come and go.  I can handle some of the abuse of avoiding workouts and eating bad food, but looking into a mirror tells me otherwise.  My metabolism is slowing down – so I’m at the point where I think I need a bit of help, hired help, of the personal trainer-type and fast.  I’ve bounced back and forth a few times with weight and shape, but at the moment after several days of celebrating; that wine, that cake, the cheese, the dining out last week has me in a bit of a slump…so I’m in panic mode.  A personal nutrition and health crisis as it were, and I need to check into diet and exercise rehab stat.

I also notice additional grey hair coming in.  Not that I have anymore today than I had last Wednesday, but they seem to be more visible today; perhaps it’s all in my head.  They seem to be presenting themselves in the manner of a middle aged comic book super-hero – directly smack in the sides just above my ears and sideburns.  Whoever said that ‘women age’ and ‘men get distinguished’ was wrong.  They were so wrong.  If someone told me that I was starting to look ‘distinguished’, I would find it incredibly disheartening.  That’s the nice way of telling someone that they “look great for their age” – which is what someone told me today.  So as I work my way out of this post-birthday party funk I’m in, and get back into a healthy lifestyle regimen, please remember one thing: the compliment stops when you state those three words: “for their age”.

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