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The Look – Day 1 MFW

The look of the night at Montreal Fashion Week definitely goes to Nadya Toto’s models for the smokey wing-tipped eyes with glitter and the super texturized hair with contrasting smooth braids.  Out of all the runway looks, this one is edgy, yet sexy and could easily be adapte for real life for a night out.  Amelie Ducharme, head makeup artist for MFW, shows the fundamentals of creating this makeup look and I agree that the Smokey Shadow Blast, double sided cream stick shadow, is the ideal way to a quick smokey effect before applying shadow.

The white side is essential for highlighting the inner corner of eye and the brow bone in a controlled manner.
As for the master of hair, Denis Binet, spokesperson for Pantene insists the Classic Pantene hairspray,
will hold volume and height while the strong gel keeps the most rebellious tresses in check for perfectly defined braids.

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