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Summer/Spring Nails

After the business and constant stress of finals comes an abrupt onset of free time. I’ve been using this period to step away from academia to return to mindless pursuits. My latest re-discovery is of the joy of nail painting. During most of the school year, my nails are natural (unless I’m procrastinating), but now I’ve been experimenting with unusual colors for spring.

The appearance of Chanel’s jade nail polish on runways sparked mass furor and put me in the mood for muted pastel colors. Usually, I don’t stray from safe (read: boring) polishes, but I love the frosty chic of that pale mint color.

If you don’t want to shell out for designer brands (and I don’t), American Apparel has a surprisingly cool selection of nail polish. They cost $7 (or $6 in the States) or come in a pack of three for $17 ($15 in the States).

I love the paler colors in the collection—especially their taupe-colored “Mouse” version. The deep, rust-colored “Pinto” is also a favorite. (If you have a taste for the morbid, Pinto makes nails look as if they’ve been painted with blood.)

I like to still to opaque polishes when I experiment with new colors, as a not-so-subtle metallic sheen easily cheapens the look.
So, go! Put down your books and pick up the paintbrush!

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