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So Fresh and NOT So Clean Clean

David Beckham - LA Fashion Blog

I was just having a conversation with a group of friends about the importance of appearance and first impressions. One of my friends had made a comment that he had only spent 20 dollars on his wardrobe in the last year, to which another friend let out a huge gasp. He had actually spent a bit more than that but was basically saying clothing was not very important to him.

Joaquin Pheonix - LA Fashion Blog

I understand that clothing is a huge part of my life, and cannot really sympathize with him, as I will usually buy a new thing every couple of weeks, but I am in the fashion industry and he is corporate. BUT the issue isn’t the money; it’s the fact that very few guys care about their appearance enough. It’s all about showing others you care about your hygiene and how others perceive you. I am the last person to care what people think of me, but I know at least I show people my character and they have a good idea of who I am.

Keanu - LA Fashion Blog

The days of the baggy triple 5 soul pants and trucker hats are LONG GONE.  I don’t understand how some guys walk out of the house looking all disheveled, like they haven’t showered or shaved in a month. People can dress however they like in their homes but when they are out in public, take some time, look in the mirror and ALWAYS have a fresh pair of underwear on.  Here are some celebs, which even though they can afford to look good choose not to take the road more traveled.

Jonah Hill - LA Fashion Blog

Even when David Beckham tries to look messy he is still so perfectly dressed.

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