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Sermoneta gloves: beautify your hands

Decades later and we still try to hold on to the classic and quirky fashion concepts of times past and bring them up-to-date. They looked good then, so why not resurrect and pay homage to some distinctive creations of the days gone by? For instance, it’s been a notably predominate year for 1970′s-inspired styles, presently with this Fall’s poncho revival.  But my current favorite fashion brand that bears elegance, luxury, and timelessness since the golden age of Hollywood is the exquisite workmanship of  genuine Italian leather gloves better known as Sermoneta gloves.

Gloves were once a popular Western characteristic of female glam-wear and charm. Today, they’re most likely to be pulled out of our jacket pockets simply to be worn against the bone-chilling cold. The first time I entered the quaint Sermoneta gloves boutique on Madison Avenue in New York City I was welcomed in Italian by a Milanese woman who vivaciously allured me with vast selections of high-quality gloves in soft suede, leather, and cashmere in delicate pastel shades and patterns. It was eye-candy for any fashion lover of accessories and glamor. Its online boutique does not do justice to the authentic leather smell, the smooth touch of satin and mutton, and the evidence of exquisite skill when physically standing before those beauties as you slip each one on your hand.  Angelina Jolie did a fine job at wearing Sermoneta classic long suede gloves in camel in The Tourist.

The collections are designed to accommodate all seasons with prices ranging from $60 to $300. Not to mention they make a hot gift item for Christmas for women and men.

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