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Scents Of Style

Similar to how everyone wishes to have a signature style, everyone also wishes to have a signature scent.  L’Artisan Parfumeur can offer you just that. I heard about this award-wining French perfume company through my roommate, Kate, when she took a spin through Ogilvy’s in downtown Montreal and came back raving about their fantastic fragrances.  After visiting them myself and interviewing their exceptionally friendly and knowledgeable associates, I understand why she was so excited.  The company has worked hard to make fragrances that are unique, just like you.  From aromas of fruits, citrus, and essences of flowers, to precious woods, tobacco, spices, and baking supplies, it’s hard to imagine anyone not being able to find a scent suited to their taste or to the occasion.

Opening in 1976, L’Artisan Parfumeur’s first fragrance was based on street names in District 14, the Parisian arrondissement from which the company originated.  Despite the scent’s ominous name, “Passage D’Enfer,” or the “Road of Hell” in English, its hint of incense and musk help make good on its promise to “carry you up to cloud nine.” Experiencing their current best selling scents, “La Chasse Aux Papillons,” which calls to mind summer scents, and “La Fleur de Liane,” made to evoke the smell of fresh rainfall, has a similar effect.  If you’re looking for a fragrance more geared towards a younger crowd though, look no farther than the fruity and light “Ananas Fizz,” or, my personal favorite, the “Jour de Fête,” which smells exactly like the birthday party you had when you were five and got more cake on your clothes than in your mouth.  In terms of pricing, the eau de toilette for the perfumes costs around $115, while the eau de parfume runs around $150.

If you’d rather scent your home than yourself, L’Artisan Parfumeur accommodates that as well by producing aromatic pieces of art that will please your eye in addition to satisfying your nose.  Besides being beautiful, these carved terracotta balls release an amber scent into the surrounding air. Gucci stores have benefited from L’Artisan Parfumeur’s home line by contracting to have the perfume maker’s sleek and stylish black and white fragrance emitter to sweeten the smell of their stores.

Want to find out more?  Visit L’Artisan Parfumeur’s website at:

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