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Pure Nail Bar: A Manicure of Luxury

I have to admit that for me the idea of getting a manicure usually spells complete boredom. Sitting in that chair for an hour, getting my nails filed, painted.. It all seems like an eternity. If I could at least read a magazine; but how in the hell can I flip the page when every two seconds I’m being asked to “please soak your hand”? A girl has to stay kept and polished, if not always then at least for special occasions. Thankfully, the holy grail of nail salons is here: Pure!

How did somebody before Bruce 9 or Bruchay (as some of us call him) not come up with this brilliant concept combining luxury and nails?

I have been going for manis and pedis more often now that I actually look forward to sitting my butt on their bar stool designed chairs for over an hour. Knowing that I’ll be watching either re-runs of Sex in the City (Team Carrie forever!) or another fun chick flick on their multiple flat screen TVs situated in each of their salons makes the experience so chic!

And yes I said salons, because the franchise has grown to ten locations due to the high demand, and I don’t see it slowing down anytime soon.

Here is the best part: They offer Pure Parties, bachelorette parties, baby showers, birthdays or just a fun girls night out, they do it all and on YOUR schedule, practical much?

Yes, for once a man understands our silly little needs and delivers. The prices are right on and totally worth every penny.

Check out for all your pampering nail needs!

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