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If there is one thing that I am always particular about, whether I am sitting at the computer in Montreal or vacationing on the French Riviera, it is my nails. Trite as it may sound, I firmly believe that the condition of a person’s hands say a great deal about a person. Unkempt cuticles, long nails on boys, and chipped polish do not scream either hygiene or self-confidence.

Although I typically steer away from risky polish choices (relying heavily on Essie Marshallow, Macks, and Berry Hard), this summer’s nail trends are so exciting that I am already experimenting with shades of yellow gold and rose gold.

As a supporter of all things green, I am so happy to see the colour experiencing success in nails. Forget the pale minty hue from last fall and embrace this summer bold lush hues of greens. The glossy rich finish makes it trendy, as opposed to childish, like Essie’s Pretty Edgy or Turquoise and Caicos.

Despite how much I love the greens, my absolute favorite nail trend this season is foil-finish nail polishes. Shamefully, as a fan of MTV’s The City, I spotted the trend on Whitney, Roxy, and Louise, and have been experimenting with the Orly Foil FX collection ever since. These polishes are about as close as we can get to the Minx-like chrome look in a nail polish (think Beyonce at the MTV Awards). Separating this season’s metallics from the past is the fact that unlike traditional metallic lacquers, there is zero streaking or old-fashioned pearling – just complete edgy glamour.

So, makeover your hands this summer, if not for any other reason than to take advantage of these fabulous summer shades!

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