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myfaceworks…..& It Indeed Does!

myfaceworks has blossomed out of Vancouver suddenly and taken skincare enthusiasts…well by their skin.

The concept derives from Asia, where sheet masks are a huge trend that for some reason hasn’t really made its prominent stamp in North America yet. The idea of a non messy, easy and fast mask that leaves your skin “immediately fresher, brighter and tighter” is what we need in a life where less mess and clutter is a god sent. I figured why not take advantage and politely request some samples so I can fairly asses for the readers (wink). I followed the package directions and went to bed (yes no need to wash it off!)

Alarm clock went off at my usual 7 am and voila, I looked radiant, like you do after a real spa treatment. So I picked up a starter kit (you get 6 masks for the price of 5) and they are all available for purchase online at You can also get them at: BeautyMark or LynnSteven in Vancouver, or for my Eastern counterparts at Blossom Lounge or Gee Beauty in Toronto.

A little nitty gritty behind this super fast growing company:

- They offer the largest range of sheet masks and have 13 types available including one for under eyes.
- Each mask is specifically created with an array of different ingredients and formulated to suit every skin type.
- myfaceworks sheet masks are not meant to replace your daily routine; but meant as a value add to your current skin regime.
- Everyone has different skin types and typically, when you purchase a jar of any traditional mask, you are treating one main skin problem at a time.

Check them on Facebook.

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