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I Thread Instead

Hair removal is a pain, both literally and figuratively. But, if you have sensitive skin, riding yourself of pesky stray facial hairs comes to a whole new level of annoying.

I didn’t always have sensitive skin, but when I hit my teen years, I developed horrific acne on my face that even had cashiers at the grocery store giving me pity glances when I’d go through their checkout lines. Since then, I’ve been using harsh topical medications to keep my acne under control. The good news is that the medication has done wonders for clearing up my skin.  The bad news is that, now, the skin on my face can have a bad reaction to everything from too much sun (i.e. 10 minutes or more) to a new moisturizer. I already can tell that putting hot wax on my face, then ripping off my hair and an extra layer of my epidermis would be a dermatological disaster, so I’m very happy to have discovered threading.

Threading is an Eastern method of hair removal that involves rubbing twisted cotton thread over unwanted hair and removing it at its root. It’s similar to tweezing, except that instead of removing one hair at a time, threading can remove many hairs at once, all in a straight line. It allows you to achieve a more precise brow shape in half the time it’d take you to pluck and will keep the hair from growing back for 2 – 4 weeks. The pain is minimal and threading does not irritate the skin like many other hair removal methods.  In fact, dermatologists often recommend it to their patients. It also doesn’t hurt that threading is inexpensive. $3 for perfect brows? Yep, that’s painless!

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  1. Threading is a technique that does not irritate the skin, and so is a great alternative for people with sensitive skin.It has peeling effect and thereby prevents wrinkles and softens existing ones – mainly in the eye area.

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