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Hair We Go

Old man winter should be out the door shortly, and with that, we welcome spring. ‘Tis the season to lose those extra pounds before summer and revamp your look.  What’s the first thing we do when we want to reinvent ourselves?  Change our hair of course!  If you are not sure what to do with it, I’m here to help you.  Ladies, add romance to your new do with soft waves for longer locks and ask your stylist about extensions if you really want change. Braids are back, baby, and the messier the better (within reason). Men, do away with the mop top and go for the slick I-love-myself look (ladies love it)  Ok, this has to be said. Men, DO AWAY WITH THE BRAIDS! You are a grown man on go, so get that one level I’m-finally-acting-30 look.  It works.  Short hairstyles require maintenance, so if you’re brave, go all the way. Edgy is good. Before you do the do, though, please follow these guidelines.  You’ll thank me later.

  1. Don’t act on impulse.

Did you get dumped recently? Don’t use a bad break-up as a reason to plop yourself in someone’s chair and act like you’re Angela Bassett in Waiting to Exhale.  Trust me, you will regret it.  Go to the spa or do something relaxing, because a hairstyle change should be a well thought out  decision, not based on emotions.

  1. Consult your stylist.

After a dry winter of hat hair, your lovely locks will need some TLC before you go ahead with your new do.  Get you hair back to a healthy state  (unless you’re doing the big chop).  Talk with a stylist. They will help you decide what will and will not work for you. If it’s a color change you seek, consult a color technician! If your stylist is great at both coloring and cutting, then you’re lucky.  To ensure that you get a color that really works for you, you want someone who is a coloring specialist. Please, please, please listen to your stylist.  They understand things that you don’t about facial structures and hair types, so if they say it won’t work, it probably won’t.

  1. You are ready.

Set your date and do it.  Enjoy the new you!

Let’s talk about salon etiquette, shall we? Rule #1 and the most important thing to remember is: ALWAYS be on time! Nothing is worse than a late client.  It’s tacky.  If you are held up, have the decency to call. Rule #2: There is no such thing as a magic wand, so DON’T expect miracles.  If one of your girlfriends got the new Riri cut and she looks fab, this doesn’t mean that your dream Megan Fox look won’t turn out looking like Marilyn Manson.  This is especially true if the stylist warned you it wouldn’t work for you.  Rule #3: TIP. This should go without saying. Stylists work hard and it takes an extremely talented person to make you look red carpet ready, so show a little appreciation. The final rule of the day: DON’T RUSH YOUR STYLIST! Please manage your time wisely. Let’s face it, hair takes time. Do not go to the salon to strip the winter black out of your hair, get highlights, and have your hair cut, all the while knowing you have to pick up junior at 3 p.m. and your appointment is scheduled for 2. Give yourself enough time. After all, your stylist is human and wants to do the best job possible.

Well, I hope that was informative. I’ve compiled photos of spring’s newest dos to hopefully give you some inspiration

Until next time, stay stylish and love your stylist!

Here are some pics of hair styles that will be hitting the pavement S/S 10.

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