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Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow


I’ve always said an outfit makes a person, and that your appearance is very important. Granted everyone has their own opinion of their “own appearance” (as mine is quite warped) but in general you can size up a guy’s appearance by three distinct features. Firstly, his clothes- that is the obvious one, especially since yourKloset is all about THE COOLEST FASHION trends.

Secondly, as mentioned in last week’s post, a guy’s choice of footwear. An outfit is not complete without a proper pair of shoes. Shoes should never be the focal point of the outfit but rather complement it.

And lastly, HAIR is key to complete the look. Ya some people don’t have it, or some have too much, but it’s how you cut and style it that matters (and I hope none of you are still using the pre-pubescent KMS paste).

KMS Paste

The most important thing about a cut, is going to someone who understands the way your hair works. I have only cut my hair twice in the year I have been in LA (insert traumatic haircut here).

the Shaved Head

I schedule my trips into MTL around when I should cut my hair (sad I know). But, it’s because I trust my barber and he makes me feel like my head is his canvas. He takes 45 minutes to cut my hair and I completely let him have free reign. He’s only let me down once and quickly fixed it before I stepped out of the chair when he saw my face…Apparently mullets were the rage in Italy (which to his credit they were) but just not my look. I know I really went on a rant, but make sure you don’t go to some random place and get a number 5, There is a major difference of shaving your head or having a professional do it so you don’t look like a giant penis.


One trick I was told when I moved, was if you ever see a guy’s haircut that you like, ask him where he got it cut (just make sure it’s not the same guy who did Justin Timberlake’s… insert traumatic experience here). Hair may only take three weeks to grow for most of you, but NEVER underestimate the power your hair has over women. If you’re ever in Montreal and need a good haircut look up Le Pascha. And if you have any other suggestions for guys who still go to their mother’s hairdressers, POST AWAY!

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