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Green Day

Watkins Lemon Cream

Fashion and beauty go hand-in-hand; the right make-up, hairstyle, etc. can make everyone look amazing from head-to-toe. Over the past few years many cosmetic companies have made an effort to turn eco, making green-living all the more beautiful.  Companies such as Aveda, Cargo, Physicians Formula, Lush, and J.R Watkins can be found at boutiques, drug stores, and local department stores.


Aveda: Aveda products are amazing. Their make-up is beautiful and a far cry from those aerosol-can hairsprays that leave your hair looking like a birds nest. They use wind energy to power their production facilities, recycle their containers to create less waste, and their botanical ingredients leave you smelling amazing.

Fashion Rodarte Spring Summer 2009

Their look for the 2009 spring/summer runway shows for Rodarte inspired the make-up palette I am currently obsessed with: natural, chic, and feminine colours that pop but don’t overwhelm you.

Cargo Plantlove Lipsticks

Physicians Formula and Cargo: Although they are not completely green, like many cosmetic companies Physicians Formula (PF) and Cargo have developed “green” lines.

Physician Formula Organi 2in1 Bronzer Blush

PF has an organic line with bronzers, blush, mascara, eye liner and tinted moisturizers, and Cargos PlantLove lipstick line comes in a box embedded with wildflower seeds that you can actually plant!

Lush Lime Shower Smoothie

Lush: Lush products are all vegetarian or sometimes vegan, and try to reduce the amount of packaging and production processes needed for all of their products. They have a plethora of products and fragrances for lips, hair, feet, skin, etc.

Lush Sakura Bath Bomb

Lush Vanilla Fountain Bath Bomb

With flavours like “sex bomb,” “honey bee,” “golden slumbers,” “blackberry,” “hot java,” and “supernova,” their bath bombs are a green indulgence. Their fizz leaves you smelling amazing.

Watkins Natural Apothecary Creams

J.R Watkins: I discovered Watkins products when I was traveling west through Winnipeg. Their “Natural Apothecary” line of body creams, butters, salts and shampoos come in great scents like lemon cream, lavender, vanilla, and mango. The products are at least 95% natural, and are made from sustainable and recyclable resources…not to mention that they smell delicious and leave your skin feeling great.

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