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Getting Sex(y) Saturdays w/Lisa Sim


It’s SEXY TIME people!!  And after keeping on the DL for the whole week, it’s finally time to let loose and I’m not talking about the Sectretary Saturday’s that includes chicken wings and dancing around a pile of purses in the middle of a circle!

Get your sexy on by first trying out some of these amazing LUSH products.

Se Bomb Bath Bomb

If you plan on having a night in with your « special » friend and setting the mood with a hot bath, the SEX BOMB is for you. This bath bomb is a water activated aphrodisiac! As the bomb dissolves, the water turns pink and the sexy jasmine fragrance emerges….and once the rice paper rose petals are released, you know you’ve hit the climax of your bath….ahhhhhh. And even if you don’t use it right away there is a very interesting quality to the appearance of the bomb….I’ll let you use your imagination.

Sex in the Shower Emotibomb

But perhaps you’re feeling particularly sexy in the morning.…SEX IN THE SHOWER EMOTIBOMB was designed with you in mind. It’s kinda like the drivethrough version of the long and seductive bath. Place the EMOTIBOMB in the shower, turn on the water and indulge your senses with Ginger and Ylang Ylang oils. Not only does it give you something to smile about for the rest of the day but you’ve also conserved water by showering as a couple!

Fever Massage Bar

Hands down…massages scream sexy. Get your core temperture to rise with the FEVER massage bar. Rubbing this bar all over will warm you and your partner up while the scent of jasmine and sandalwood will melt away tension ….making you more limber and ready for some crazy contortionist action.

Silky Underwear Dusting Powder

And nothing says sexy more than sexy drawers and a lil’ Silky Underwear Dusting Powder . Sensual jasmine and a bit of cocoa butter sweetly scents the skin and moisturizes while cornstarch leaves the skin silky smooth. Use it to refresh either before or after your clandestine encounter on your Sexy Saturday….have fun and play safe with all of these great LUSH offerings.

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