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Getting Fit and Looking the S#@t! Part 1

Lesson One: You can’t look good if you don’t feel great!

Come on now, you have to get those muffin tops and love handles in check before cruising down the Boulevard thinking you look FAB! Whether you are sweating it out in your weekly spin class, trimming down at home on your Wii FIT or pumping up in your daily routine, here are some hot accessories that will keep you on the cutting edge while getting that style-ready physique.

Canadian outerwear and apparel designer Pavlina Dadakova, , weighs in with the latest take on toting your MP3 player, PDA or cell phone.

Fun-ctional unisex iPod wristbands

Fun-ctional unisex iPod wristbands

These fun-ctional unisex wristbands have a flap over, slide-in pocket and sequin detailing, which can easily be removed guys! In a cotton/rayon blend with maximum absorbency, this is the perfect accessory to enjoy your favourite music, a hearty workout and still be the stylish beast you know you are! Now available in four colours, with some interesting prints coming this summer. Make sure that your Ipod isn’t the only thing getting a workout or the results will only be seen under the band.


Pavlina Dadakova’s wristbands ($18) can be found on ; shop name: pavlinadadkova. Time yourself with the precision of a special-op military unit, but do not expect to go undetected.

Navy Seal

Navy Seals timepieces are the perfect combination of fashion and function for men. The brand combines innovative methods to establish and provide an exclusive line of Time Machines bringing world-class designers and manufacturers together to produce a superior line of watches. With a limited edition (225) created per model annually and a no repeat model policy, a Navy Seals watch is a must (being one of the rare brand’s offering luxury at an accessible price point)! Fashion details: Sweet radial tire watchstraps. Function: Since you are sweating like a pig, thank God it’s water resistant up to 100M (330 ft)…the Coral Reef anyone? And ladies, consider it to be like all the other “boyfriend” trends and…go get one for you! Borrowing just doesn’t cut it anymore.

Navy Seal

Aviator ii

To view more styles: ; for points of purchase: ; toll free: 1-866-NVSEALS (687 3257).

Now that you’ve finished your workout, and smell so…ummm…worked out, revitalize with Bella Pella, an exceptional line of exquisitely scented bath and body products.


Pampering women and men (and now dogs) for over a decade, this Montreal-based company continues the tradition of handcrafting their soaps (despite rapid growth). Each product is conceived as “food for the skin” (ok so you worked out, I said the skin) in the company’s quest towards keeping your pella bella (skin beautiful). A large selection of soaps, shower gels and body lotions with ingredients such as seaweed, sea salt and hints of jasmine and ylang-ylang will give you that second wind and “wanna touch ya” skin. Bella Pella promises a relaxing spa going experience and amazing skin, just in time for summer. (Sniff Sniff) Now that’s better! Products range between $6.95 for glycerin soaps to $15.95 for shower gels or body lotions. For more information and points of purchase,

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