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Get the Look: Cover Girl

Recently, I was given a few new products to play with by Cover Girl.  I did a little test drive on Korey, one of my favorite Specs models, with photographer, Nico Stinghe.  I have to say that one of the best new products to be developed is the Cover Girl & Olay Simply Ageless Corrector.  This product is amazing for full coverage, good colour and not too thick texture.  The other new invention is the doe foot applicator for the lipgloss.  More comes out on the wand, so you don’t have to dip into the tube a gagillion times.   The new Smoky Shadow Blast, duo creme shadow sticks, make smoky eyes happen in a couple of sweeps (but for a lasting application, you must layer light-coloured eye shadow  on top of the creme).  Here are the step to follow to get the look.

Korey (Specsmodels)

1.On the skin: Clean liquid foundation in #225-Buff Beige.  Made for sensitive skin. Apply with a large synthetic foundation brush or wet brush with water or toner to dilute the foundation for sheer coverage.

2. Undereye: Cover Girl & Olay, Simply Ageless Eye Concealer, # 215. Apply to the hollow of the under eye and the inner corner of the eye.  To prevent concealer from moving, apply with a synthetic brush and then press lightly with a tissue.  This will absorb excess moisture and better deposit the pigment.

For the rest of the face that may need extra coverage, try Cover Girl & Olay Simply Ageless Corrector.  For a better match, combine with your foundation before applying.

3. On the lid: Smoky Shadow Blast in #815-bronze fire. Use the end that says “Step 1”. Apply all over lid and also onto the brow itself (if you’re redhead or a blond–cool. If not, skip it).  Apply to the inner corner of the eye and along the lower, inner lash line.   Highlight the top of the cheekbone or the bridge of the nose with it as well.  Blend with fingertips.  Flip over to “Step 2”.  Start at the lasheline and fill in the entire lower lid up to the crease.  Blend upwards and outwards with fingertips.  Run along the lower lashes for the smoky look.

4. On the lashes: Lash Blast Length.  It’s mascara…work it out.  Apply to both top and bottom lashes.  But if you want my advice, always start with a lash curler.  You’ll thank me for it later.

5. On the lips: Shine Blast  #840.  The doe foot applicator applies more than the average lipgloss because of spoon shaped tip.  Watermelon scent is totally lip smacking good.

6. On the face: Cover Girl Clean, sensitive skin pressed powder in Buff Beige.  For a lighter, sheerer application, apply with a large powder brush. Use the powder puff for more coverage.

Tip: Rim the inner eye with black or dark brown eye pencil for added intensity. Apply several coats of mascara ( the more, the better).  And apply a bit of bronzer to contour and colour the cheeks.


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  1. amanda aka jungleprincess says:

    hmm so apply powder after eyes i always do it after foundation,any reason to do it at the end?


  2. Well it all depends, I suggest the face powder at the end just in case there are any mistakes that need to be cleaned up. Let’s say some mascara or eye shadow has gotten onto the skin. Take a q-tip with a drop of foundation and “twist” off…don’t press it in. The powder seals everything at the end is hard to alter without being seen. Alternately, apply loose powder to the top of the cheek bone to catch falling shadow. When you finish the eyes, brush away the excxess powder and it will look clean and highlighted.

  3. amanda aka jungleprincess says:

    thanks for the tips lisa!!! yah i already do the powder under the eyes things,works great!!

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