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FORMIDABLE is just that!

I have been a natural products and eco/organic convert slowly but surely over the past 12 years. That said, I try to have control over what chemicals or toxins get absorbed by my body. For about the past 12 years I have also been using 100% Natural Mineral Salts body deodorants in crystal and spray formats.

With limited choices in the genre, I was happy to hear about a great natural deodorant product made right here in Quebec by Bella Vita (a quickly emerging name in the natural products world) and had to try it out for myself.

FORMIDABLE – impressive in English and fantastique en français – lives up to its name! This deodorant cream is designed to soothe irritated underarms due to laser and electrolysis treatments, as well as chemotherapy sessions; FORMIDABLE also provides comfort to those who have sensitive skin after shaving and waxing. Although FORMIDABLE is designed for delicate underarms, the subtly scented deodorant is equally appreciated by men and women with all skin types.

Propolis, a natural antiseptic and antibiotic, is mixed with coconut oil to deeply hydrate skin, while ricin seed oil nourishes it. The zinc oxide offers wetness protection by controlling the level of humidity of the perspiring glands. Finally, the recipe is completed with bergamot, coriander, rosewood, cypress and benzoic essential oils to fight odours by releasing a light and fresh smell. Oh and by the way, aluminum, alcohol and propylene glycol free (96.3% natural)!

Now into my fourth week of use and having put it through the test on my evenings out dancing (and sweating), I can say that I find FORMIDABLE to be a great product for those seeking natural alternatives in their deodorants. I will definitely continue to use the product and spread the word.

FORMIDABLE is available in most natural product stores in a 30 ml cream pump format for about $12 CDN each.

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