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My Feet

OMG!  I have one more thing that I can cross off my bucket list!  The FISH Pedicure! Having my feet nibbled on was not my idea of a standard good time, but I have to admit… it was indeed a conversation starter.  What does it feel like, you ask?  Well… I guess I could say, it felt like small fish eating away at my dead skin cells… gross.  But to make it all spa and Zen sounding (and if you’re not actually witnessing it), I’d say it felt like Jacuzzi bubbles tickling my toes and legs (FYI…sooo not good for those with tickle issues).

Me in the Tank

As I spent a half hour in the tank with a 100 of my new friends, I let out only a few squeals and resisted pulling my feet out for fear that I wouldn’t will them back in.  After a few deep breathes, I composed myself and I was good to go.  I was definitely amused by the novelty of the pedicure; it reminded me of feeding animals out of your hand at a petting zoo.  They didn’t really need you to hold it, but it was fun to do.


To be fair to the poor Doctor Fish (as they are referred to), they have a really big role in Asian spas.  They clean away dead skin cells, promote good circulation, and eat away skin diseases (which I promise, I don’t personally have).  Over here in North America, we’re only putting our feet into individual tanks for now, but in Japan and Malaysia, it’s a whole body experience (again, not good for the squirmy folks).


The adorable TAMI Nails on Duluth St. (just east of St. Laurent) is the only place in Montreal that offers this unique service.  Tami has always been known for her  Gel nails (that look extremely natural) and her wicked massage chairs, but nothing says “Hey, I feel like fish tonight ” more than a fish pedicure.  You may want to opt for a full pedicure after acting as a human buffet, so take your time choosing from the Mecca of O-P-I colours available.


Who do I recommend should have the fish pedicure?  People who really believe in the three R’s (reuse, reduce, & recycle) comes to mind! And what occasion would be suitable to go?  I say, why not a first date!  Nothing says, “I’m boring and lack creativity” more than the traditional dinner and a movie, so visit Tami at: 60 Ave Duluth E (corner St-Laurent), Montreal, QC, H2W 1G8. 514-842-8588.

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