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Buy Products That Do Not Test On Animals

This week it’s all about the animals, and I ask you, dear yourKloset readers, to refrain from buying products that test on animals. I don’t need to tell you why you should do this. I don’t need to show you gruesome videos of animals suffering so we humans can look better for our mates. Use your empathy. Those of you who have had the amazing experience of growing up with or owning a pet, this should be easy. More and more cosmetic brands are abandoning this method of testing and it is the right thing to do to support the ones that already refrained from testing on animals. One thing you can look for is the Leaping Bunny symbol. Leaping Bunny is a non-profit organization that promotes and supports those cosmetic companies that only test their products on humans. Other ways to find out is to simply look up their policies on the internet – like you would a restaurant to check out the menu. You can also simply examine the back label. Here are some informative links with more information and lists of companies you can feel good about buying their products.

Leaping Bunny


Cruelty Free Company list

Global Action Network

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