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Ballin’ with BALLA Powder

Balla Powder

Saturday nights this Summer seem to be finally heating up.  The air hangs heavy with humidity and tends to bring out those sexy, salty pheromones acquired after an all night session on the dancefloor or, um, elsewhere.  As much as I can appreciate the power of ones’ natural funk (think Rasputin), I prefer a man who is civilized enough to use a little help if he needs it….hey, ain’t no shame in that game!

Balla Powder Group Shot

In 2005, the revolution to end sweaty stickiness in the most sacred areas on a male body arrived in the form of Balla Powder, a unique line of men’s talcum powder and the ambassador of bringing ‘‘smooth clean freshness to the nether-regions’’ of men everywhere.  ‘‘Men have hygienically neglected the most important areas on their body for far too long’’, says Brodie Patten, Co-Founder of Balla Powder, LLC.  ‘‘Balla’s unique formula of talcum powder, topped off with a subtle masculine scent, brings an end to that unpleasantness in your short-ones.  Just sprinkle and rub some Balla on your problem areas and enjoy a smooth fresh feeling down there that lasts for hours.’’

balla Powder

If you’re a bit shy about using this kind of product the powder can be used anywhere on the body that you prefer to stay dry and clean, You can always inadvertantly drop some by mistake as well.  There is the original scent but for steamy, sweaty, sexy Saturday nights, I highly recommend the new ‘‘Tingle’’ formula if you’re into trying new sensations.  Do yourselves and the ones you love a favor and try it!

Availible @ Grooming Lounge

More Information availible @ Balla Powder

Retail Price: about $15

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