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The ABC’s of B-T-S

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Summer is sadly coming to an end and that can only mean one thing…SCHOOL!!! Although many of you dread the beginning of school, I was always was excited for my first day; it meant new classes, new people and of course a new wardrobe. B-T-S as its known in the trade (aka Back-To-School), is one of the busiest retail periods of the year, every major retailer stocks up their stores with the newest and coolest fashions set to hit the halls. I am going to break down this post into two separate ones. Today’s will be the basics on how to dress to impress your fellow student body (and teachers). Next week, I will give you a run down of the must have items for this B-T-S semester.

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Assortment… Back-To-School is all about having a functional wardrobe. Summer is all about looking cool; fall is all about not being cool. Stock up on your basic denim, cardigans and button-down shirts and keep some summer clothes that can double for fall (i.e. t-shirts and polos) for the beginning of the semester. Nevertheless, make sure when your shopping your thinking about those cool November days.

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Backpacks…  are one of the biggest investments a guy should make; it is one of the most underestimated pieces of your B-T-S wardrobe. Think about it, you wear it everyday and it houses some of your most prized possessions. I once spent hours surfing the web looking for the ultimate knapsack and boy did I find it. Not only was it sleek and sophisticated, it was able to hold all my books comfortably, a separate sleeve for my laptop and came with an iPod attachment/Bluetooth. I am surprisingly a classic knapsack person, but if your willing to take a risk go bold afterall it is the thing people see most.

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Comfort… I used to jam pack my days from 8:30 to 5 or sometimes even 9 pm, and they key was to dress comfortably but still look respectable. No, I just woke up five minutes before class, and didn’t change out of your pajamas.  Remember, there are over 300 people in some of your classes, your teacher might not remember your name but can associate your face and look. It is a good way to stand out without looking like a teachers pet and hey you might one day end up on YOUR KLOSET.

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