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Joanne David – What’s in My Kloset?

No one really cares or wants to know.  So I ask my friend Joanne, who reluctantly welcomed me and the rest of the world to where it all begins in the morning for Joanne David – trend queen of Halifax, Nova Scotia.  Joanne is an accessory boutique owner in downtown Halifax on trendy Barrington Street and is a romantic at heart.  Her store boasts the latest trends of costume jewelery, accessories from around the world, and an extensive collection of FitFlops which fly out of her store and online shop worldwide from Atlantic Canada to her second home in Beirut.  She is one of the lucky individuals that carry the rights to those comfortable soles that keep the masses with happy feet and tight buns.  Both her shop and personal boudoir remind me of Carry Bradshaw’s intimate closet full of pretty and glamorous things.

So I asked Joanne what her favorite part of getting ready entails.  Her response:  “It’s all about mood and sense of feeling that determine my sense of color and materials.  A statement necklace or an arm length of bangles can change the entire look.”  I digress….but then again – I’m all over the map.  I’m all about the details, but so much planning is involved in getting ready.  It’s my LEAST favorite thing about my day.  So is a kloset a personal space?  According to Joanne it is.  Joanne is a very public person, she indicates, when it comes to her business, fashion events like AFW and LG Fashion Week where her retail collections can be seen accessorizing designer garments from Halifax to Toronto.  Her closet on the other hand – is a very personal space that only her closest friends and family can see…it’s a personal domain.  She states “I am very generous when it comes to clothing and pieces from my closet.  It gives me personal joy to assist a friend putting together an outfit…however – I am VERY careful with my shoes.”  I am amazed how she says this while she simultaneously fixes my collar.

I’m curious how one person can accumulate such an extensive collection of garments, shoes and accessories.  There is always a garment that ‘doesn’t fit anymore’ or ‘is so old.’  So what do you do with it?  I try to part and purge everything annually, most of my own personal pieces are new, but not by any means as vast.  Some people place sentimental and artistic value on designer creations.  Joanne’s take on the subject: “I have an over indulgence of clothing and spend quite a bit on these items.  I mean how can you dispose of or give away a Moschino sweater or a baby blue paisley print dress by Nanette Lepore?  Some pieces are 11 years old.  I refuse to get rid of them.”  Clearly.  Sizes in her closet range from size 2 to 10, and demins sizes 26 through 30.  “Every woman needs a range in her wardrobe.” ~Joanne David.

You can find her store online @

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