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Vancouver 2010: Gaga for Glasses & Goggles


Although I haven’t had a chance to ski at all this season, one of my fave ski accessories has got to be goggles.  Almost as individual as each person’s skiing technique, goggles let everyone see a bit of your personality before they actually get to see the passion (or lack there of) in your eyes.  Since the same goes for sunglasses, I compiled a little list of must-have eyewear that will make you podium ready (even if you are an amateur).

First off, Adidas has always had some sick shades and goggles, but this season they really out did themselves.  Their collaboration with pro snowboarder and artist Lucas Goller resulted in a wicked overhaul of their BURNA model.

Burna Plug Earth Maize

Fashion and function are in full swing with their ID2 goggles, which have a new technology in the foam padding that prevent water/snow/sweat from entering the lenses.

ID2 Shiny Blorange

Sunglasses for him include styles like the Davao (a light weight performance frame), Abasto (inspired by the 70’s Adidas Original tracksuits), and Delhi (an aviator frame inspired by Bollywood movies).

Davao Military

Adidas Abasto

Delhi Gold Brushed Ivory

For the ladies, the Adilibria sunglasses are a women’s model. The nose pads are made of SPX (type of plastic exclusively available by Adidas) and they prevent makeup from appearing on your sunglasses. The SPX material also keeps the glasses from getting caught in your hair when you put them on your head! How’s that for consideration?

Adilibria Gold

On the fashion front, the Condes is a frame inspired by the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Adidas Condes

If you prefer your goggles a little bit more “haute couture”, check out these beauties from Gucci.

Gucci Goggles

I am not usually one for screaming labels, but I would definitely buy these. Available online from, these googles can be yours just in time for the opening ceremonies.

If you like wearing sunglasses at night to complete your too-cool-for-school après-ski look, then at least make them the new Ray Ban’s with the NYC subway lines printed on the frames.

Ray Bans

These shades are uber-cool and a great conversation piece exclusively from See ya in the lodge!

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