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Stunner Shades

Super Flat Gold

I went around LA looking for some inspiration for this week’s blog (ok, so maybe I was on my way home from work and needed an idea) and was noticing every guy had on a pair of whacked out sunglasses in every color under the rainbow in all shapes and sizes.

Mosley Lyndel

Once I got my inspiration for this week’s blog, it reminded me of my own personal crusade to find myself a new pair of sunglasses. We all know the wayfarer has been THE sunglass for the past 2 years, and is still going strong with everyone and their mother making their own version. I had bought my wayfarer three years ago, in the foldable and bigger version. It was a solid every day sunglass.

I have now been on the hunt for a replacement pair since I lost them back in February (YES, I could have just bought a new pair but they had their time). I have been scouring the stores constantly to see if there is anything that will catch my eye, so far there is one standout, and some good seconds I want to introduce two amazing brands that have sunglasses to suit anyone.

Super Classic Black

First off, Retro Superfuture aka Super is a huge hit here in L.A., every store including Ron Herman and Barneys Co-op are carrying them and stars like Kanye, Lil’ Wayne and Santigold are sporting them. My favorites are the classic black and the flattop with the gold lenses, they are again a solid everyday choice, but they do come in many other colors if that tickles your fancy.

Mosley Tribe HAGEN

The next brand I love is Mosley Tribes, who is actually owned by Oliver Peoples another glasses giant. I own a pair of basic metallic square aviators with wire arms, I bought them years ago, and are still classic. The first pair the “Hagen” I actually almost bought. That iridescent glare is actually built into the sunglasses and is really cool and doesn’t interfere with your vision. The “Lyndel” is the more classical of the two and I liked the twist on the normal wayfarer unfortunately the store didn’t have them in all black.

I do have my eyes set on a pair, check back next week to see if I bought them…

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