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Pretty in Polli

Polli, an Australian jewelery company that has been around for almost ten years, makes beautiful metal pieces inspired by Danish and Japanese paper folding. The company was founded by Maja Rose and Tess Lloyd, two industrial designers based in Stanmore, and together they use laser-cutting processes to produce their intricate designs on incredibly thin sheets of metal.

The jewelry, which includes a variety of pendants, earrings, brooches, and cufflinks, comes in stainless steel and gold, and is sometimes embellished with weaving or leather to create truly unique pieces. They also offer decorations and home furnishings.

Besides producing really beautiful jewelry, Polli makes sustainability a part of its mission. The company has a low CO2 rating, offsetting their production and transportation energy use. Many materials are recycled (the gold is actually made from 100% recycled brass), and buying certain products will donate $1 to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). Everything is also made locally.

If you’re interested, you can purchase directly from their website, or from their many international retailers (the locations section of their website isn’t up, so just email them to ask for the nearest store!)

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