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Pop Up Flea


Had you found yourself on Manhattan shores this past weekend you may have been lucky enough to have stopped by the second annual Pop Up Flea. Pop Up Flea, for the uninformed, is a yearly celebration of Americana clothing and accessories. Tailored exclusively to men, Pop Up Flea is fashion without the fuss, aiming to strike a balance along the lines of “masculine gentility” or “dashing working-class.”  With vendors curated by A Continuous Lean‘s Michael Williams and Randy Goldberg of Urban Daddy, vintage collectors and designer brands like Billy Kirk, Ohio Knitting Mill and No Mas have come to Pop Up Flea the past few years to showcase their shit.

So what’s available to buy? Well, vendors at this year’s market were found hocking vintage navy blankets, combat boots and designer army jackets for the colonel of the fuss brigade in all of us. Sidestep a few kiosks down and you’ll find other gentlemanly pieces of attire like Mr. Mort baseball caps and Digby & Iona jewelry. Also for sale: ties and hankies from Epaulet, murses by The Hill-Side and classic staples from the likes of J. Crew.





The Flea’s vintage Americana harkens back to the good, ol’ easy day–or at least as far as Them Thangs‘ Tumblr subscription. Despite those south-of-the-border ties, Pop Up Flea’s merchandise feels quintessentially Canadian (meaning: plaid, knits and, of course, denim). Being a fan of the fashion of mid-class-trash, I’ll let be known that I love what’s been selected for this years market. And really, that’s why this show works. In admitting that haute couture misses the point when it comes to the tastes of most “dudes” (particularly those repeatedly pointed out for a game of “hottie or hobo”), Pop Up Flea has leveraged a niche market on the basis of not-caring-about-the-market. The point, then, is to get gents to engage with the frivolity and excess of FASHION! without really feeling like they are. Nevermind the smirk on your vendor’s face as he rings you up for that vintage jar of buttons you just purchased. (Although, shit, I’d be gloating too if I could pull off such a spectacular heist).

As for the picture below: case in point. Aren’t we a pretty pair of sartorial mavericks?


For more pictures head on down to A Continuous Lean or Cool Hunting.

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