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Pack that KISS/Grab that KISS

Grabit Pack

Make-Up Artist and Stunt Man Louis Kiss, who most recently worked on all the suits for the upcoming Tron 2 movie has created a very cool new bag. The Grab-It Pack is a comfortable, practical, durable and affordable side holster bag that eliminates the mess of most bags. It makes perfect sense when you want to keep the weight off your back and around your waist like a fanny pack, but with more flexibility and space. Made out of water resistant nylon, the Grab-It pack is perfect for hikers, outdoor photographers, etc.


Initially that is what caught my eye about this bag. Being able to bring all my new camera equipment with me, and having its easily accessible at the same time without having to take a bag off my back every time I need to get something. Everything is held in place with either zippers, Velcro and/or snap closures. And there is enough room to put all of your daily needs from multiple size lens’s to your speed-flash and everything in between. The Grab-It Pack fits it all nicely and can be used by virtually anyone regardless of whether you use it for photography or not. I want to thank Louis for sending me out a right an left sided pack. I am definitely keeping one for my camera equipment, if your interested in getting the other one you know what to do. Make sure to take a minute and check out the Grab-It site as Louis is working on some new stuff to be released soon.

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